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the revolution in syria. since march, protesters have been trying to overthrow the 40-year dictatorship of the assad family. the u.n. estimates that 4,000 civilians have been killed. but we don't know much more because the assad government has banned independent reporting. but cbs news correspondent charissa ward managed to slip into syria with a camera. tonight, she shows us how the rebels cope with casualties from the street battles that they fight with the syrian army. they cannot show their faces. they risk their lives to talk to us. >> reporter: as an opposition activist, abu ahmed spends a lot of time underground, in the basement of a building on the outskirts of damascus, he let us into a secret passage, carefully camouflaged in a corner. there are boxes stuffed with life-saving supplies. so they are stockpiling all different sorts of medical equipment here. we've got everything from penicillin to surgical gloves and perhaps most ominously, a skin stapler. these pictures, shot by opposition activists, show how day after day, syria's protesters are shot and beaten by president ass
. >> suarez: the carnage that has bloodied much of syria came home to the capital today. two bombs erupted in damascus, killing nearly four dozen people and wounding more than 150. we begin with a report narrated by inigo gilmore of independent television news. >> reporter: one of the bomb blasts left this huge crater in the ground. the tangled bodies of the dead were ferried away on stretchers, a doubly whammy in the heart of the capital damascus. the targets-- two buildings belonging to syria's security forces. >> ( translated ): i heard the explosion and saw many body parts. there were dead bodies all over the place. bodies of women and children in their cars. >> reporter: the attacks were carried out by suicide bombers driving vehicles packed with explosives. at least that's what the government claims. >> ( translated ): even before >> reporter: even before the dust had settled, syria's state media seized on the attacks, saying they were further evidence of a threat from foreign linked armed gangs. within minutes, state tv were saying terrorists linked to al qaeda were responsible. at
and around the globe. it is difficult to a imagine the situation in syria getting much worse. thousands are believed to have died since the struggle for democratic change began. some feel the country is now on the brink of civil war. what happened today was unprecedented. more than 40 people were killed in what is believed to have been to suicide bombings and damascus. the opposition accused the government of staging the blast to try to influence a team of arab service. >> this was a devastating escalation of violence. here in damascus, scenes that evoke the terror of neighboring iraq. according to the government, to suicide bombers drove cars into state intelligence buildings on the west side of the city. a vehicle mangled by the blast. all of this happened in an area that should be one of the most secure in the country. the dead and wounded were said to include security personnel and civilians. >> television broadcast images of the survivors as they recovered and hospital. >> i saw a black car and then an explosion. after that, i was taken to hospital. >> until today, damascus have la
longest-running dictatorships, but we don't know the facts because the government of syria keeps reporters away from its brutal crackdown. tonight we have a rare look inside. since spring, thousands of syrians have been demanding the end of the 40-year dictatorship of the assad family. the u.n. estimates that since the uprising began, syrian forces have killed 4,000 civilians and just today the opposition claimed 60 deaths in the city of homs. tonight, cbs news correspondent clarissa ward-- who traveled through syria without government supervision-- shows us what bashar al-assad doesn't want the world to see. >> reporter: for months, this is what we've seen of the revolution if syria: cell phone video of demonstrations met with bullets from security forces. to meet the people holding those cell phones we entered the country as tourists carrying only a small camera. razan zaytouni is an opposition activist. she insists on using her real name. the regime already knows who she is. she is in hiding to avoid arrest. are you scared? >> who is not? but we have to continue. we decided to
: stunning numbers. rebecca jarvis, thank you. the white house today condemned syria for intensifying its attacks on protesters. syria's president, bashar al-assad has promised to stop the killings and international monitors have traveled to syria to ensuring he keeps his word. but elizabeth palmer reports tonight in one city, homs, not much has changed. >> reporter: with arab league observers on the way to homs this morning, syrian tanks began pulling back from positions they've held for weeks. but when the team hit the streets, the violence hadn't stopped. this cell phone video shows a political activist urging one of the observers "come, come and see in that street over there, snipers." but in the background, there are the sounds of gunfire and the man refuses to go. we managed to get in touch with an activist in homs who was monitoring the observers' progress. we're concealing her identity for her own safety. >> pelley: in a nearby suburb, thousands who couldn't get close to the arab league observers instead joined a huge funeral march for an elderly man activists say was shot by gove
democrat warns gingerich his past will tore peato his campaign. >>> inside syria, cbs gets an exclusive look at the uprising in the regime. >>> and not too hot, not too cold, astronomers find an earth-like planet not too far away. this is "cbs morning news" for tuesday, december 6th, this is "cbs morning news" for tuesday, december 6th, 011. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning, everybody. and thanks for joining us. we begin with the republican politics and the surging popularity of newt gingerich. he is now leading hits gop rival necessary most polls and says he'll challenge president obama in every state. republican caucus goers in iowa think gingerich has the best chance of defeating the president according to a new cbs news/"new york times" poll out this morning. gingerich campaigned here in new york yesterday and dean reynolds has the details. >> reporter: to those surprised by newt gingerich's rapid rise in the gop field, you can apparently add donald trump. >> it's amazing how will he's doing and how it's resinated with people. >> reporter: surging in the polls, gingerich us
and no weapons were used. some stores were forced to close their doors during the incident. >>> in syria reports this morning government tanks are being pulled. this video taken from a social media website shows the tanks prowling the streets. arab league monitors are on their way to make certain the government complies with a peace plan. activists say government forces have killed hundreds of civilians across syria in recent days. >>> in nigeria at least two suspects are under arrest for the christmas day terror bombings that killed at least 35 people. david martin reports on how africa's most populous nation is struggling with the growing islamist movement. >> reporter: a nigerian newspaper called it the blackest christmas ever. dozens of people killed in the bombings of three christian churches. a radical islamic group popularly known as the nigerian taliban claimed credit for the attacks which marked an especially bloody day in the war against its government, the world's tenth largest oil producer. the nigerian taliban, whose official name boko haram, roughly translates as western education
power plant has contributed to cancer cases and pollution. in syria, a team of observers from the arab league has arrived in the country amid reports of increasing violence. the full deployment is part of an arab peace plan that calls for the removal of troops from the streets and the release of all prisoners. the violence continues and in the latest incident, four civilians have been killed. what if any pressure can be brought to bear against the assad regime? we're joined by the former u.s. ambassador to syria. what can the arab league monitors realistically do? >> we have to note that syria had refused the monitors. they wanted to put so many conditions on it. now we know that when the terribly threatened to go to the security council, that is when the regime thought, oh my god. they agreed to 150 monitors coming in, albeit reluctantly. no one believes that these monitors will be given any real freedom to go where they want when they want. the syrians will show them what they want them to see. this is a ploy to buy time on the part of the regime in my opinion. >> will the arab leagu
evening news. >>> the images the syrian dictator does not want you to see. cbs news gets inside syria and speaks to a growing army fighting for freedom. that's tonight on the cbs evening news. >> thanks, scott. and here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,, stir we could be in store for a wet night bob has the updated first warning weather forecast. >>> late, late wednesday night. it's going to start mild as it is. it will be turning colder during the afternoon. temperatures dropping back into the 40s late tomorrow night, getting bag into the mid- to upper 30s. then we could see a transition to wet snow around the region. most of us, as we said, in the area. 48 on friday. chilly for the weekends. but sunshine. 42. and 44 on sunday. good football weather this weekend. >> let's hope for good football. >>> can the ravens count on their kicker to win a close game? >> some fans say they are losing confidence. mark has the latest next in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> oh, boy, the colts are coming to town. marx is here with the sports rep
evening news with scott pelley. and a rare look from inside syria as victims of the regime's brutal crack down speak out to the news. we hope to >> pelley: tonight, what the dictator doesn't want you to s see. clarissa ward gives us a rare first-hand look at the revolution aimed at syria's bashar al assad. the protesters have a message for him. >> leave now. you've got enough of our blood. >> pelley: the postmaster general delivers a bundle of bad news. nancy cordes reports it includes slower mail and thousands of jobs lost. a woman is raped and then forced to marry her attacker. mandy clark on a case raising calls for justice. and byron pitts with the story of the u.s. versus haiti. opponents on the soccer field with an astounding bond of brotherhood. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. their voices are not heard; their funerals are not seen. a revolution is under way to end one of the world's
- government protest went across syria today. they camped out in public squares. >> the protest coincide with reports of increased violence against dem strators. this comes as the arab league determines if they are going to end that crackdown. that agreement which syria agreed to demands that the government remove security forces and heavy weapons from cities. >> thank you. more than 5,000 people died since mid-march when protestors began calling for his ouster. >> ra fire on board a submarine burns out of control. it erupted yesterday and injured nine people, trapped several inside. they got it under control this morning. it was docked for repairs so luckily the nuclear reactor shut down. the fire started on the scaffolding around the vessel and then spread. >>> general motor is recalling more than 4,000 sub-compact cars to check for missing brake pads. the problem popped up during a rental vehicle customer. a missing pad could require a longer stopping distance. there have been no reports of crashes. recall letters should arrive mid january. >> you don't want to be on a plane that is a
loving that milk. >> glor: milk. all right, rebecca jarvis, thank you. in syria today the largest demonstrations that country has seen in months. huge crowds again calling for the resignation of bet bashar al assad. they also want to show arab league monitors how strong their movement. is as mark phillips reports, that didn't stop the regime from striking with deadly force. >> reporter: the presence of arab league observers in syria seen here in their high-visibility vests in the video the protesters have been shooting themselves, seems to have embolden it had movement in some places like the city of idlib in the north. the crowds appear to be several hundred thousand strong. but government troops continued to shadow the protesters and the casualties continue to mount up. shots fired in this damascus suburb hit the man taking these pictures. four days into their mission, the arab league observers have found themselves in the middle of the argument, accused of sticking to a government arranged schedule. "come see the corpse of a victim" they're being told here. "we have to follow o
ward was able to slip into syria. tonight, she speaks to a growing army of rebels fighting for their freedom. >> reporter: it was not a long drive, but our guides were taking no chances. past a government checkpoint, the car twisted along dark back roads outside the capital city damascus. after a certain point, we were blindfolded to protect the location of the safe house where we would find members of the free syrian army. they are former syrian soldiers. they say they refused orders to fire on their own countrymen and so decided to take up arms against the assad regime. the commander spoke off camera for his own security. he told us "we are fighting those who have made our children orphaned and our wives widows." he claimed that his men have carried out attacks on military targets around the capital-- the heart of assad's power base. no one knows just how large the free syrian army is. the number of defectors appears to be growing. in this video posted by the opposition, former syrian soldiers pledge to defend the syrian people against the assad regime. are you not scared
cover in syria to see pro democracy demonstrators its opponents. >>> also, we'll look at the lives and the issues at stake in this debate. this is "the early show" on cbs. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day with less chronic low back pain. imagine living your life with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a non-narcotic treatment that's fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not approved for children under 18. people taking maois or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma should not take cymbalta. taking it with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners may increase bleeding risk. severe liver problems, some fatal, were reported. signs include abdominal pain and yellowing of the skin or eyes. talk with your doctor about your medicines, includ
they pushed the men to have a serious peace agreement. and then you have president surleif, of syria. i believed and continue to believe we are moving in a positive direction for more women to be included. >> mitchell: according to the united nations, women have signed fewer than 3% of the world's peace agreements. ahead, the story behind the choir that's touching heart and topping britain's pop charts. >> mitchell: finally this evening, they have an army of fans and a chart-topping holiday hit. what's unusual is that they're a choir. charlie d'agata in london has the story behind the song. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: in a wind-swept corner of england, a group of military wives struggling with the stress of having husbands on the front lines, have found a novel way to deal with it-- they sing. samantha stephenson's husband is an army engineer with 24 commando regiment. >> when he first left for afghanistan, i think that was the worst because that could literally be the last time i see my husband and our children see their dad and you can't even contemplate the worst-case scenario but saying g
was the israelis. it's a signal tohe iranians a to what could happen doing it again syria was seizure and risked a lot less rebellion. and la year theres was a visit to north korea by a stamford professor and they showed him running a uranium enrichment plant. that is second to a bomb all of the bomb we know are plutonium based. they warned that thin they were buildi a second pathway that they purchased from pakistan. in the end the intel intelligens right. they clearly have the beginnings eveof a signature signicant nucr possibility. >> charlie: what can you tellusg the dynamic of the political infighting that is taking place in north korea today? pgh. >> jeff: one problems withnortho know what is going on. there it's not a problem that we americans have and south core ryan-- south koreans have. i think that as chris said, this young man is kind eve of like a blank slate. i don't know of any american that has melt him. -- met him. is to reason to believe he is held in hig highest high h hig . >> pgthey arethere is a group h ca about the population. and is there to see mass starvation. there
as many as 250 people that have been killed in syria since monday. a human rights group has accused the government of carrying out a massacre. >> this unverified a foot is purported to show a house in the city of homs, one of six hit by army shells. 12 people were killed there including a child. the images are too gruesome to show. syria signed up to the arab peace plan on monday and the violence goes on. in fact, it has intensified sharply. most of it has been not far from the border with turkey. the opposition syrian national council is calling it a massacre. they say that nearly 250 people have died since monday alone. this is the bloodiest time since the uprising began in march. they want the u.s. security council to declare this as an unsafe zone. there is little appetite for another military adventure. with that possibility in mind, the regime has been staging a military removers aimed at putting across the message that their uniform -- unified. troops and police have been killed in the violence virtually every day. the regime blames armed terrorist gangs for all of the troubl
to accept arab observers, part of an effort to stop mounting bloodshed. officials from syria and the arab league took part in a ceremony today in cairo, egypt. it lets observers in for one month, with the option of extending that stay. in damascus, the syrian foreign minister insisted the regime is serious and not just stalling for time. >> we would not have signed the protocol unless our amendments on it had been adopted no matter what the circumstances were. but after applying those amendments and since we are seeking a political solution to this crisis as soon as possible, along with their partnership, i can now say that the signing of the protocol is the beginning of cooperation between us and the arab league. >> sreenivasan: the announcement came on a day when activists said up to 70 soldiers were gunned down by government troops as they tried to desert near the turkish border. at least 30 other people died in attacks elsewhere. it continued a wave of street violence that churned over the weekend. protest leaders said at least 21 people were killed on sunday as troops and rebels foug
is in turkey this morning, holding talks with turkish leaders on the conflict in syria and iran's nuclear ambitions. biden flew to turkey from iraq and thanks troops for their sacrifice and their work as they prepare to withdrawal. here is jim axelrod reporting from baghdad. >> reporter: at camp victory, the u.s. military headquarters in iraq for nearly nine years, vice president biden paid tribute to the nearly 45,000 troops who lost their lives here and the more than 40,000 wounded. >> because of you and the work of those of you in uniform have done, we are now able to end this war. >> reporter: neither side would call it a handover ceremony, but that's exactly what it was. 13,000 u.s. troops remain in iraq. that number will be zero in three weeks, if the plan holds. the main worry here is that when troops leave, there will be an eruption of violence between sunni and shia arabs. a return to the bloodiest days here. or even worse, a descent to civil war. but mubai is not worried, saying any outbreak of sectarian conflict will not last. >> we have built over the last nine years, good ira
a preview of tonight's cbs evening news. >> syria bans reporters from crossing the borders, but cbs news talked to the victims of the regime's brutal crackdown. that's tonight on the cbs evening news. >>> first apple juice, and now rice. could arsenic in a side dish pose a health risk? >>> police brutality or justifiable force? see the dash cam video. >>> gone too soon. a band member dies in a hazing , >>> this is wjz tv, wjz hd, and wjz.com. from the city to the counties to your neighborhood. now it's complete neighborhood. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >>> it is 4:30. 55degrees, mostly cloudy. hello, thank you for staying with wjz eyewitness news. >>> calls for action surround the funeral of a florida a&m drum major. the fallout from the possible hazing death. >> reporter: at robert champion's funeral. drum majors led the procession. it was in honor of their classmate, a 26-year-old drum major who was found unconscious on a band bus after an apparent hazing incident november 19th. >> is he breathing? >> i have no idea. i cannot tell you that. he just threw up. >> reporter: champio
to assist in the investigation. jeff? >> glor: david, thank you. syria's deadly crackdown against dissidents intensified today even as arab league observers arrived supposedly to help contain the violence. in the city of homs, reports today say shelling by government tanks and troops killed at least 23 people. the regime insists it's fighting armed gangs, not civilians. members of congress are getting richer but the people they represent are not. how a local church revitalized a community, and clarissa ward takes us to the afghan boarder where the enemy can be hiding just about anywhere when the "cbs evening news" continues. and these come together, one thing you can depend on is that these will come together. delicious and wholesome. some combinations were just meant to be. tomato soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. you walk into a conventional mattress store, it's really not about you. they say, "well, if you want a firm bed you can lie on one of those. we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. it's really shaping to my body. once they get our bed, they'
the new year in debt. overseas, syria's deadly crackdown on protesters continues despite the presence of arab league officials who were sent to help prevent the violence there. those monitors were caught in the cross fire today when syrian troops opened fire on protesters in homs. hangry syrians also showed officials the body of a boy they claim was killed by government forces. in yemen, months of protesting forced president ali abdullah saleh to say he'll step down in february. but now saleh wants to come to the u.s. his request puts the obama administration in a very tough spot. saleh has been a u.s. ally against al qaeda but critics charge he's a brutal dictator with blood on his hands. chip reid is in hawaii tonight where president obama is on vacation. >> reporter: obama administration officials tell cbs news that president saleh's request to come to the u.s. will be granted only if he agrees to a series of conditions: that his visit will be solely for the purpose of receiving medical treatment for injuries sustained in a june assassination attempt. that he will leave the u.s. wh
violence is reported in syria this morning. a human rights group says at least eight people were killed when syrian security forces opened fire on protesters. the report comes as arab league monitors are in syria checking government promises to end its ninth-month crackdown. >>> the u.s. is warning iran against trying to close the sea lane to the strait of hormuz which carries one-fifth of the world's oil. iran's navy is conducting war games near the strait and says closing it would be quote easy but the pentagon says the u.s. navy could and would prevent it. >>> time for weather. now here's a look at what's going on outside your window. >>> good morning, what a beautiful day start it is. winds have calmed. granted upper 20s now, cold, but it is seasonal. the normal is 25. let's go ahead and take a look at the forecast. a high of 45, sunshine followed by clouds, those clouds are a warm front. 33 overnight, look at this, tomorrow a high of 54 degrees. that is just the beginning. >>> up next banks are not as kind to small businesses as they used to be. >> we
of the trial judges replaced. another day of violence in syria as protesters clash with police. despite the presence of arab league monitors, security forces opened fire on thousands of antigovernment demonstrators in the city of ha ma. 6 people were killed. monitors are on a mission to end a crack down on antigovernment protesters demanding more agree dom. learning more about the tragedy in new england, police released a 911 call made moments after a home went up in flames, kai jackson has more on the fatal fire. >> reporter: flames ripped through a home with an entire family sleeping inside. the fire killed three little girls and grandparents who were visiting for christmas. the mother escaped along with her boyfriend. firefighters say he tried to lead the girls to safety but lost them in smoke. firefighters say that same man may have inadvertently started the fire when he put hot ashs too close to an outside trash area. >> thank you. the connecticut medical examiner says the adults and children all died of smoke inhalation. >>> with just a few days left before the iowa caucuses mitt
syria-- charissa ward takes us to an underground hospital where rebels, wounded by assad's army, are treated in secret. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. no white house has ever overruled a safety recommendation we the foo food d drug administration but it happened today. the question was whether the morning after pill, an emergency contraceptive, should be available over the counter to girls 16 and under. today, the f.d.a. was ready to say yes but the president's secretary of health and human services said no.
a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. >>> in part 2 of our rare look inside syria, we will talk to members. armed resistance, fighting to free their country. our special report on the brutal syrian regime continues tonight, on the cbs evening news. >>> an illinois judge has harsh comments at a sentencing hearing for former illinois governor rod rod blagojevich. >>> the lawsuit filed in the massive gulf oil spill. >>> deadly attacks. who is claiming responsibility for two explosions that killed dozens in afghanistan? eyewitness news at 4:00 continues with [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so delicious...so fun. mmm... pillsbury crescent wrapped brie just unroll, wrap the brie and bake. it's so easy. now this might even impress aunt martha. pillsbury crescent wrapped brie. holiday ideas made easy. and enjoying it less and less? stop paying for second best. upgrade
called maliki and urged him to resolve the crisis. in syria, dissidents reported government forces killed more than 100 people on tuesday in an organized massacre. the activists said a village in idlib province was surrounded and then blasted by rockets, tank shells, bombs and gunfire. and more scenes of violence unfolded elsewhere. amateur video showed a man hit by random sniper fire while driving his car in homs. and pro-government gunmen patrolled neighborhoods around damascus. five nato troops-- all of them polish-- were killed in a roadside bombing in afghanistan today. the soldiers were in a convoy headed to a meeting in eastern ghazni province when the bomb went off. it was the deadliest single attack ever involving poland's 2,600 troops in afghanistan. eight u.s. army soldiers have been charged in the apparent suicide of a fellow soldier in afghanistan. private danny chen was found dead in a guard tower in october. the army said it appeared he shot himself. the charges announced today ranged from dereliction of duty to negligent homicide and involuntary manslaughter. supporters of
. that is the removal of heavy weapons from cities across syria to allow human rights workers and reporters in. but is syria's government allows that, it may be clearing the way for its own downfall. we've just heard that the observers have finished for the day. that was a short visit. they are due to be there for a week. it's not clear how much freedom they're going to have to talk to whoever they would really like to talk to. chris? >> all right, cbs' elizabeth palmer in london for us this morning. >>> now here is jeff glor at the news desk with a check of the day's other headlines. hey, jeff. >>> good morning once again. a new survey predicts the u.s. economy will keep getting stronger but will grow slowly. the survey of leading economists forecasts the economy will expand next year by 2.4%. this year it grew less than 2%. it's expected 177,000 jobs a month will be created through election day, but the european debt crisis could still create a setback. >>> for the first time since the summer, more americans approve of the job president obama is doing as opposed to disapprove
degrees. partly cloudy skies in baltimore. >>> well, tensions continue to rise in syria as hundreds of thousands anti-government protesters take to the streets there. activist are saying that the forces loyal to the president killed 35 people during the demonstration. this is despite the presence of monitors from the eric league. they are on hand to make sure that the regime complys. >>> a multicar pile up leaves several people dead including a mother and her three young children. a car crossed the center lane and hit a van head on. five people were killed in the van and four other people in other cars. the crash is under investigation. >>> occupy protesters are moving off of the streets as they start a new movement to occupy trees. police arrested two people attempting to occupy a tree outside of city hall in oakland. the men did not go quietly, but taken away in the back of a police car. the group is promising to keep it going. >>> new vigil in germany gets a new church built out of snow. warm weather pushed [-- back the opening. it is 65 feet long, with a tower. the seats 2 probl
. ♪ ♪ >>> there are new anti-government protests in syria, egypt and bahrain part of the uprising that began one year ago this weekend. hard to believe it's been a year. >> seriously. it began small and sparked a pro democracy wave across the middle east and transforming eight countries right now as elizabeth palmer reports. >> reporter: more than the protests, this is a revolution. it swept across the arab world, powered by the pinned-up anger of millions who were suddenlily no longer afraid. >> it's the most important period in the history of the arab people throughout the 20th century and into the century. demonstrated their ability to get -- dictatorship through civil uprisings. >> reporter: those civil uprisings quickly became a tsunami. citizens roaring for freedom. first in tuand in egypt. people declared this a mubarak free zone. they pushed back and the only place in egypt where true freedom of expression. a strong man like i didn't want's hosni mubarak fought back. but video of the abuse went viral thanks to computer young savvy activists and fueled the fire and they
assad, human rights group says syria's military is holding hundreds of detainees on bases off limits to the monarch. >>> hosni mubarak is on trial for murder accused of ordering attacks on protesters earlier this year. he was forced from office in march. >>> a southwest airlines jet blew two tires on takeoff last night from sacramento california. it was on a flight to seattle on the runway when the tires blew and the pilot hit the brakes. 137 people on board and no one hurt. >>> a storm system hit the northeast with heavy rain strong winds. on new york's long island the powerful winds sheared off a roof of an airport hanger as you can see and ten-story canvas billboard in times square was ripped down. >>> america's most famous chimp has died. cheetah said to be in some of the original tarzan movies. there he is. cheetah once live with johnny weismiller, the original tarzan and moved to an animal sanctuary in florida where he, indeed, lived the good life. not only did cheetah play the piano, he even got chauffeured around town. the animal sanctuary says cheeta
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